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P-ISSN: 2709-9431, E-ISSN: 2709-944X

2023, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part A

Unlocking the antimicriobial strenghth of herbal plants

Author(s): Shailly Bhardwaj and Dr. Ashok Kumar

Abstract: There is an urgent need to look into alternative sources of antimicrobial drugs given the growing issue of antibiotic resistance on a worldwide scale. Recent studies have revealed the potential of herbal plants as an important source of antibacterial power. These plants have long been valued for their therapeutic benefits. This article explores the fascinating topic of herbal plant antibacterial activity with the goal of illuminating the processes and chemical constituents underlying their powerful effects.We examine the wide range of herbal plants recognised for their antibacterial activities through a thorough examination of the literature. We go over the many bioactive substances that may be found in these plants. These substances have been shown to have inhibitory effects on a variety of harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. We also explore the elements, including geographic location, climate, and production practises that affect the antibacterial properties of these herbal plants.We emphasise the significance of utilising cutting-edge extraction and purification processes to release the herbal plants' full antibacterial potential. Researchers can better understand the antibacterial processes of specific chemicals by isolating and analysing them, which could lead to the creation of more specialised and effective treatment approaches.

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Shailly Bhardwaj, Dr. Ashok Kumar. Unlocking the antimicriobial strenghth of herbal plants. J Adv Microbiol Res 2023;4(2):10-17.
Journal of Advances in Microbiology Research

Journal of Advances in Microbiology Research

Journal of Advances in Microbiology Research
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