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2023, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A

The value of nutraceuticals in the management of metabolic syndrome

Author(s): Anmut Assemie

Abstract: Metabolic syndrome has become a global health issue that affects a wide range of people. It is a condition characterized by a cluster of ailments, including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and others, all of which are caused by inadequate nutrition. A nutraceutical is a nutrient that benefits the body physiologically or protects against chronic diseases. Nutraceuticals can help you live longer by improving your health, delaying the aging process, preventing chronic diseases, and supporting the structure and function of your body. Due to the high prices of synthetic drugs, there is a growing demand for cost-effective, affordable, safe, and effective alternative therapies for curing metabolic syndrome-related complications. Nutraceuticals include macronutrients like dietary fibers, sugar, amino acids/proteins, and fatty acids; micronutrients as minerals, vitamin D, folate, and antioxidant vitamins like Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C etc; polyphenols including flavonoids, chlorogenic acid, resveratrol and isoflavones, and many bioactive constituents viz. benfotiamine, α-lipoic acid, stanols, policosanol, and fucoxanthin. It was reported that proper consumption of nutraceuticals prevents as well as cures many chronic disorders like obesity, hypertension, Parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s disease, allergies, cancer, dental problem, and osteoporosis. Vitamins, amino acids, minerals, anti-oxidants, and other phytochemical constituents are used as vital nutraceuticals that reduce the symptoms of certain diseases caused due to metabolic abnormalities. The current reviews will be of importance for various nutraceuticals that we consume in our daily diet and their contribution to curing metabolic syndrome. Therefore, active research is going on to evaluate the long-term safety, efficacy, and dose schedules of nutraceuticals, functional foods, antioxidant and anti-inflammation phytotherapy for the management of metabolic syndrome and associated disorders.

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